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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where are we located? 

How do I sign up for services/ classes?

As part of our mission we partner with a variety of other local businesses who share the same visions as we do.


Energy Therapy (Reiki) is currently offered at The Bohemian - Tilton. 120 Laconia Road, Tilton, NH 03276, Tanger Outlets, Suite 302.

Coaching and Recovery Resiliency classes are offered virtually through Zoom.

You can sign up for any service online under the "Schedule" tab. Registration will ask for Name, email, phone and credit card information. 

What do I need to do to prepare for in-person classes/services?

For Energy Therapy services please wear comfortable clothing that allows for stretching and relaxation. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your schedule session to allow for time for questions and to use the restroom prior to beginning session. Please use the public restroom located in the corner of the outlet plaza. There is ample parking in the outlet parking lot. 

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

In short, therapy tends to focus on the past and how past experiences have shaped your current day life.  Those who attend therapy want to work on themselves, heal past traumas, and work on managing their mental health challenges. 

Coaching works in the present day to focus on the changes you'd like to make. People hire life coaches to achieve certain goals or work on their mindset.

Coaching sessions help you to process the growth you work on outside of sessions. Most times clients will be given a personal practice to complete before their next session. This could mean a journaling exercise to clarify values and goals, a new technique to try when emotions get the best of them, or another meaningful “homework” assignment designed to propel their transformation.

How do I work with Taylor for therapy/clinical work?

Taylor's clinical practice offers short-term therapy for young women with ADHD and individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community. She works with young women (18-40) on reclaiming their view of themselves, unmasking themselves from their ADHD, effective executive functioning skills, emotion regulation and interpersonal relationships. 

Additionally, she offers education on gender identities and safe practices, processing self-exploration regarding gender, support coming out to loved ones, connecting to gender affirming medical providers for medical transition and connecting to therapists who can continue to work with you throughout the transition.


**Mental Health Therapy services provided by Taylor Berrick, MS are through Bodhi Counseling ServicesEnergy Therapy (Reiki) and all other services are provided by Wellness Within.

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