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Holistic preventative care for your mental, physical, and spiritual health  

Energy Therapy (Reiki)

Our unique approach to energy therapy combines breath-work, reiki and guided meditation. Breath-work resets the nervous system's rest state to absorb the energy shifts Reiki provides. Research shows guided imagery and 20-minutes of Reiki reduces burnout, anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, headaches, nausea, fertility, blood pressure, improves sleep and immune system. Reiki balances energies on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

This service is perfect for self-care, increasing mental stability, decreasing anxiety, depression, and burnout, improving physical health conditions: pain, fatigue, insomnia, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, cellular healing, and reducing suffering of chemo patients. In addition, the spiritual benefits of connecting to yourself, high power, nature, and the universe.

When energy paths are blocked, you may suffer from illness, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, pain and more. Reiki helps to restore the client's energies to a state of balance on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, thereby enhancing the client's natural ability to heal.

In [science] we call it energy, in spirituality we call it spirits, in the streets we call it a vibe. All we're saying is, trust it.



Mondays, Thursdays some Saturdays. At the Bohemian -Tilton


15 MINUTES   ..........   $22

30 MINUTES   ...........   $44

45 MINUTES   ..........   $66

60 MINUTES   ...........   $88 

Workshops & Retreats

Wellness Within will be offering a variety of day and weekend retreats, as well as, workshops. Topics will include anything from mental health, self care, yoga, spiritual development, energy work, sound healing and much more!


There are currently no workshops or retreats scheduled.

ADHD 'n' Me Classes

Are you a young woman (18-40) with a recent diagnosis of ADHD? Or maybe you've had the diagnosis for a while and are looking to connect with others who have similar brains, behaviors and bravery to keep being yourself in a society that doesn't always value neurodiveristy. 

Wellness Within is all about celebrating diversity, our brains included! Our ADHD 'n' Me classes offers a unique combination of community, tips and tricks, and belonging. The class is led by Taylor Berrick, MS who has her masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and advanced training on ADHD. The class combines mental health components, executive functioning skills, emotion regulation skills, time-management skills, a sense of belonging all while bringing normalcy and humor to every day experiences living with ADHD. 

​Platform: Virtual 

Class layout: Class starts with a breathwork exercise, and check-in, then a discussion based on topics that arose in check-in, offering some helpful tips and tricks and evidenced based coping skills, final thoughts and optional (but recommended) practice assignment, ending with a breathwork exercise to keep you grounded until next class


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