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Investment and Benefits to Self-pay

Investment and Fees


Intake session (60 minutes) ..... $165

Individual therapy (55 minutes) ..... $150

Individual therapy (45 minutes) ..... $130

Individual therapy (30 minutes) ..... $110

Individual therapy (extended session 75 minutes) ..... $170

**Discounted rates for self-pay are available. Please be sure to ask about this!


Consciousness Coaching (60 minutes) ..... $120      

Cards and Coaching (60 minutes)  ..... $135


Energy work - in-person  (60 minutes) ..... $90

Energy work - in-person (45 minutes) ..... $70

Energy work - virtually (60 minutes) ..... $75

Energy work - virtually (45 minutes) ..... $60

Energy work - virtually (30 minutes) ..... $45


Intuitive Card reading  ......  $15

Chakra Crystals  ......  $7

Benefits to Self-pay

Increased Confidentiality

Simply put, when choosing self-pay for therapy everything stays between you and your therapist. When using insurance it’s important to note insurance companies are members of the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) and medical conditions and mental health disorders are reported by the insurance companies to the MIB. This information becomes part of your medical record and able to be accessed or may be read by varying medical providers. As this information is part of your record it could be used by insurance companies to raise your insurance rates, as well as, prevent you from being able to obtain life insurance, disability insurance, or private health insurance should you become self-employed. It can also affect your eligibility into the armed forces. Many individuals in the armed forces or medical field chose self-pay for this reason. 


Claims filed with insurance companies must be submitted with a mental illness diagnosis from the very first visit. Not all diagnoses are covered by insurance. With self-pay a diagnosis is not required and if you want to know what yours would be it stays between you and the therapist.

Increased Flexibility and Customized Approaches to Treatment

With self-pay you are able to engage in an eclectic variety of treatment approaches. Insurance companies don’t cover all types of treatments.

Cost and Clear Straightforward Payment Options

Depending on your insurance deductible, self-pay may be more cost effective. Many therapists, myself included, offer discounted self-pay rates if you inquire about it. Our credit card processing system makes it easy to store card information and pay on time. In addition, HSAs (Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts) provide a convenient way to pay for health care with pre-tax dollars, which means you save on your tax bill.

Choice of therapist 

You can choose your therapist based on their specialty, treatment approaches or goodness of fit and not have to worry about if your insurance covers that provider.

Choice of Session Length

You can choose your therapy session length, it is not dictated by insurance companies. Although typical session times are 50 minutes, I do offer 30, 45, 60 and 75 minute session options. Please ask about these options if you’re interested.


You are able to have access to my services through telehealth from any location. Whereas with insurance you have to be located in the same state as the provider is paneled with the insurance company.

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