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Mental Health Therapist, Reiki Master & Certified Breath Coach 

Taylor Berrick, MS

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Taylor is an LGBTQIA+ identifying and affirming therapist, Reiki Master and Certified Breath Coach. As a former chair of the Diversity Committee for a large mental health center, she had the honor of becoming a Certified Diversity, Equity and Inclusive practitioner (DEI). Taylor has a firm belief in celebrating diversity and uniqueness. 

Taylor’s personal growth coaching specializes in helping individuals foster self acceptance and empowerment by increasing self awareness and intuition. This is done through mindset shifts, mindfulness, energy work, coping skills and challenging limiting beliefs .

Taylor’s reiki and meditation practices are open to everyone and their bodies. She helps clients create an introspective practice in order to create a meaningful life, one that is connected mentally, physically and spiritually. She works to match their characteristics and energetic frequencies to align with their intentions to find their soul purpose. 

​Taylor graduated with her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Plymouth State University in 2017. Before creating Wellness Within, she has spent the last 8 years working in various settings, such as a women's crisis shelter, psychiatric hospital, emergency services, and outpatient counseling.  

Creating Wellness Within gave Taylor the opportunity to step out of the clinical world and use her intrinsic intuitive nature to provide empowerment and healing in multiple modalities. She set out to help people who are in search of meaning, in search of purpose, in search of soul.

Mental Health Therapy services provided by Taylor Berrick, MS are through Bodhi Counseling ServicesEnergy Therapy (Reiki) and all other services are provided by Wellness Within.

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